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6 Reasons your Samsung S8 is not charging,Fix Now with This Ultimate Guide.

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Is your samsung s8 not charging? Oh well, I feel your pain. I have actually undergone this situation before but I solved it myself. So don’t panic, I’ll show you some reasons why your Samsung S8 is not charging and the very or ultimate guidelines that I used to solve mine.

We can not argue the point of how essential it is to keep our phone ON,the fun,social and business interactions can never be cut off,but what if your battery runs off and refuses to charge anymore, isn’t that frustrating?

Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an effective smartphone but without Power supply, it’s absolutely nothing,just like the phone toys you get your child. Obviously, I would like you to know that you are not the only one going through this, as many Samsung Galaxy S8 users have been asking me, How do I fix my Galaxy S8 not charging problem? I have received a lot of messages about this and that’s why I have come out with a solution,so calm down. You’ll also have the opportunity to watch a video on YouTube,I’ll drop the link too.

It is very annoying and alarming if your phone refuses to charge because it’s a sign of a serious hardware issue that consists of the battery. But still, we simply can not come to a conclusion that the fault is really from the hardware since we’ve seen cases in which a phone keeps charging after experiencing firmware-related issues. 

Note that most Samsung Galaxy S8 is charged with USB i.e with a cable or charger and others wireless,so I’ll be giving solutions to both party problems.

So before we start solving problems, let’s find out what the problem is.In the next paragraph I’ll tell you some possible problems why your Samsung s8 is not charging, after then we’ll Talk about the solutions.

Reasons Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Not Charging

There are a variety of factors that could be affecting the charging of your Samsung Galaxy s8 from the charging port, cable, charger etc. I have highlighted 7 possible reasons and we’ll be fixing them right away.

  1. Moisture could have accumulated the charging port.
  2. Might be from your charging port or connector
  3. Using a third Party Cable or charger
  4. Phone software might be outdated 
  5. Battery Might be old or faulty
  1. Physical Damage

Those are the possible factors that could stop your Samsung S7 phone from charging,so how do you fix them? Well, the ultimate solutions are down below.

The Ultimate Guide to fix your samsung s8 not charging issue

1.Fix samsung galaxy s8 not charging for moisture detected

When there is moisture on your charging port, a sticky notification that won’t go away on Samsung S8 at the XDA Developers forum and Samsung’s support forum would emerge, it will sometimes display a water drop icon on the screen above the charging port. If you see the water drop icon, then make sure that your device is turned off while you let it dry.

Why is this happening? This is a safety measure that is designed to prevent any risk of shock or damage to the phone when the charging port is wet.

You can try to clean off the water or moisture by blowing it off or with a dry bud,but actually it will evaporate by itself within a few hours. If the water drop icon has still not disappeared but you are sure the charging port is dry, then try turning your device off and on again.

And If the message remains after this,then follow this step to clear the cache for USB:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on app
  3. Tap the filter icon
  4. Tap the switch to show system apps
  5. Click on OK
  6. Swipe Down,then click on USB SETTING
  7. Hit the storage
  8. Clear data and Clear cache

Once you’ve cleared your cache and data, just try charging your phone again to see if the charging issue has resolved your issue,or else follow the next step.

2.Problem From charging port or connector. How do you fix it?

Most times for your phone not to charge,it might be from a faulty cable, charger, socket or adapter. You’ll have to change the Power Outlet or the USB Charging Port and the USB charging cable.

In case you don’t know, even the power outlet or the USB port that is connected to the charging cable can sometimes malfunction. In addition, If you are plugging the charging cable into the USB port of a PC/Laptop, the Galaxy S8 may not charge if the output voltage is too low.

If you discover that you need a new Samsung Galaxy S7 charger or cable,you can get a new one here, as soon as possible.

3.Check if you are using a third Party Cable or charger

It is no doubt that most smartphone chargers and charging cables look similar and could be hard to detect the original Samsung charger. And with this,there can be a huge difference between their quality and charging speed. 

I’ll advise you to check this out,make sure you are using the original Samsung Galaxies charger for your phone.

It is always favourable to use the charger that came with the phone (follow come charger), or an official Samsung replacement, these chargers have specially been made for their products and this can help to speed up charging time and also battery life span.

4.Phone software might be outdated – Fix it NOW

Galaxy Smartphone Software updates are regularly released by Samsung and can solve a massive number of device software problems.

If you think,the steps above aren’t working,then a software update is required for your phone.

Good Luck !

You don’t need an engineer for this.

How can you update your Samsung Galaxy S8?

  • Go to settings
  • Click on software update
  • Then click on Download and Install

After this, your smartphone device will search for available updates. If there is an update for your device, you will be asked to download and install it. If there are no updates available at the moment your Samsung Galaxy S8 will display that your software is up to date.

5.Physical Damage

Don’t you know that physical damage such as a cracked screen may affect the performance and functionality of your phone?. You should also check your charging port for any signs of damage,I have said this earlier

Insert a charging cable into the charging port of your phone. The charging cable should fit tight into the port and should not feel loose. You can use a touch to look inside the charging port to check for any damage.

You can also check for any physical damages like, extension/socket, or even change your charger entirely.

If you want an engineer to look into your phone, you can book a repair to get your device fixed.

6.Battery Might be old or faulty

Guess what!

If the battery loses charge quickly or takes a long time to charge, or doesn’t charge at all, Don’t you think it might be time for you to get a new battery. But since you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which has a removable battery, you’ll need to spend Extra, as you would need an engineer. 

For your Samsung Galaxy S8, your device has a sealed battery compartment. So, ordering a new battery is associated with a repair and you may be charged a service fee, which would be based on your phone’s physical conditions.

If none of my suggestions above can resolve your issue, I’ll advise you to book a repair or visit your closest Samsung Service. Follow this link to book a repair or look for a Samsung service agent. You can also get insurance and a minor work permit

Do you have any comments or complaints,you can drop it in the comments section and I’ll make sure to get to you soon.


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